Our vision: Thriving communities for everyone in Oxfordshire


To achieve our vision, we will listen to residents so we can continuously improve our services and provide value for money. Our priorities are:

Thriving communities

  • We help people live safe, healthy lives and play an active part in their community
  • We provide services that enhance the quality of life in our communities, and protect the local environment

Thriving people

  • We strive to give every child a good start in life, and protect everyone from abuse and neglect
  • We enable older and disabled people to live independently and care for those in greatest need

Thriving economy

  • We support a thriving local economy by improving transport links to create jobs and homes for the future

You can read more about our vision for in our prospectus (pdf format, 2Mb).


We want you to share your thoughts on our vision. What do ‘thriving communities’ mean to you? Can you explain how the work you do contributes to thriving communities? Send your comments to vision@oxfordshire.gov.uk.

New Corporate Plan 2018-21

Work has begun on developing a new Corporate Plan to reflect the ambitions and values of the council.

The will be presented to full council for approval in February 2018, will reflect our strategy and priorities, and set out how we will achieve them over the coming years. Your views on our vision will inform the development of the new Corporate Plan.

A thriving Oxfordshire: Corporate Plan 2016-20

The current Corporate Plan 2016-20 (pdf format, 885Kb) sets out the our key objectives and priorities for that period. This will remain in place until the new one has been approved.